Security alarms are effective because of the noise component. Alarm sirens can reach up to 120db which is perfect for scaring off would-be intruders. Complement this with a flashing strobe light and most burglars are going to try elsewhere.

Most intruders don’t want any trouble – they want to be in and out, quick and fast. Even if an alarm activates, the amount of damage caused to a property is usually pretty limited because thieves don’t want to bring attention to themselves.

As an added back-up, security alarms can be self-monitored (so when your alarm activates it will ring through to your phone) or it can be monitored by an independent monitoring station.


Cameras on the other hand are perfect for identifying intruders (or whoever is causing you grief).

Technology means you can now log in to your premises when you’re not there by use of Internet Protocol systems, using a smart phone or anywhere you have an internet connection. As technology advances there are now products on the market which activate an alarm, record footage and send that footage through to you.

Camera verification can assist the police in identifying trouble-makers and footage is often used in court to successfully prosecute offenders.

CCTV systems are becoming more affordable than ever and there are a wide range of systems to suit your needs.


What price do you place on your family’s safety and security? How would you feel about a criminal being inside your house and violating your privacy?

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