You know how it goes – a fantastic alarm system for only a couple of hundreds of dollars. How do they do it so cheap?

Two Reasons:

  1. They are selling you a very basic system. Most of their deals offer only two detectors, usually PIR’s. PIR’s are only suitable in some situations and are not effective if you have pets in the house, for example. In all our 30 plus years in the business we have never EVER seen a home or business adequately protected using only two detectors. They are trying to get their foot in your door and they will start up-selling immediately. Their reputation is on the line and they know if they under-protect you they are in strife.
  2. You have to sign a monitoring contract for at least 3 years. So even if you don’t want the system any more for whatever reason (moving house, for example) you’re stuck with them. It’s the same as a phone plan. If I have a contract with Telstra and I decide to instead go with Optus for whatever reason, I still have to pay out my contract with Telstra.

At Ace Alarms we will advise the best type of system for your needs at a reasonable price. We won’t lock you into a contract and we certainly will not “up-sell”.


What price do you place on your family’s safety and security? How would you feel about a criminal being inside your house and violating your privacy?

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