Can your business afford to lose money or inventory?

Is your profit margin hurting because of crime?

Commercial security is an extremely important issue for the majority of businesses today. Shoplifting and vandalism are crimes which can cost you thousands of dollars, all of which affect your profit margins.

Many properties are open to members of the general public. As a result, businesses in these properties can be targeted by people with criminal aspirations. As a result there are many places in which monitored security systems may be needed to protect you, the business owner.

These can include entry and exit access systems, CCTV, local and remote alarm systems, vehicular access controls and establishment of personnel access permission protocols.

Of course, every business will have its own specific security requirements, and this is where the team at Ace Alarms and Security will work with you to evaluate your needs and then to design a cost effective way of meeting your security needs.

You also need to be aware that many insurers won’t offer cover for your commercial property without back-to-base monitoring.

Among some of the options that may be appropriate to meet your business security needs are:

  • perimeter systems security to provide instantaneous alerts (both onsite and to remote monitoring stations) of any perimeter breaches
  • safes to store high security devices and documents
  • CCTV systems to provide recordings that can be used to analyse any onsite incidents that may need future attention
  • 24 hour 7 day back to base security monitoring services
  • programmable access control systems to prevent inappropriate access and to provide access records
  • provision of suitable duress alarm buttons to ensure rapid response of police or security service
  • Ceiling and Break-Glass Alarms
  • Licence Plate Cameras
  • High Visible Warning Signage

Ace Alarms and Security installs systems in a wide range of commercial premises, including:

  • shops
  • factories
  • warehouses
  • regional council premises
  • home offices
  • car yards
  • restaurants
  • medical centres
  • and many more

Our consultants will talk to you about the wide range of risk issues in order to ensure that we design and implement a commercial security system that will truly fit the specific business security needs and budget that are appropriate for your organisation.

By taking measures to increase your security you are making your business more viable.

Typical Commercial Security Components


What price do you place on your family’s safety and security? How would you feel about a criminal being inside your house and violating your privacy?

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