When installing an alarm system it is a vital part of an investment in protecting property and possessions. Combining this investment with a back to base alarm monitoring system will provide an even more effective security system.

The monitored security system will provide information about what is going on at your property no matter if you are there or not. This applies equally to commercial or domestic systems. This can then be tailored to first provide a call to you prior to dispatching a patrol to check out alarms.

Any activation can be transmitted immediately to the central station and the appropriate response initiated (tailored to meet your needs, whether police, fire, ambulance, security patrol, maintenance technician or to a list of authorised personnel). It is a matter of seconds from the alarm being activated to reach the central station monitoring service to provide a response to intruder/burglar alarms, personal attack and duress alarms, power failures and electrical faults or equipment breakdowns and a range of emergency situations from fire to flooding. What is monitored is governed by you when customising your security system with our highly trained salespeople.

Monitoring is the key reporting link in electronic security. An alarm control interfaces with a communications device to deliver a message for a response. There are various methods of transmitting this signal such as:

  • pager system
  • cellular device
  • radio
  • digital communicator

The central monitoring centre receives the alarm signals and responds to the critical information and acts according to pre-set instructions from the user.


What price do you place on your family’s safety and security? How would you feel about a criminal being inside your house and violating your privacy?

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